SME Advisory Services

The Small and Medium enterprises play a very vital role in today’s developing Indian Economy. SME’s are growing rapidly and expanding their network beyond the national barriers. This growth is however wrought with a number of challenges, which slows down this intense growth. Due to these hindrances, the SME sector does not get the required support from the various bodies including the government, the financial institutions, the banks and the corporate world. Volition’s a detailed study revealed various issues faced by the SME like lack of knowledge of the various compliances, lack of the various rating services, lack of the proper available financial information apart from the non compliant financial statements etc.

Based on the above we have designed our SME Advisory services in such a manner to cover the following services:

  • Private Equity Funding
  • Credit Rating Advisory
  • Benchmarking
  • Process Efficiency
  • Working Capital Management
  • Asset Reconstruction
  • IPO Advisory and SME Exchange Listing
  • Outsourcing of Book keeping Services
  • Outsourcing of Payroll Services
  • Financial Statement Restructuring
  • Compliance Services like Income Tax, Indirect Taxes, Companies Act compliance
  • Transfer pricing compliance
  • Statutory and Regulatory compliance Outsourcing

We also act as “Virtual CFOs” to young entrepreneurs or start-ups in assisting them in various financial and legal compliance requirements which are required at the time of start up till the time the company gets stabilised.