About Volition LLP.

Tax Advisory

Our tax management capabilities, covering the entire spectrum of direct and indirect taxes, aims to simplify your operations. We keep abreast with the constantly evolving, domestic and international tax laws, to provide you with competitive advantage. With the latest tax reforms in India, Goods and Service Tax (GST) is set to change the tax landscape in India.

Energy Advisory

The rapidly growing global economy will require all the energy and energy technologies — available to meet demand in coming decades. Demographic and socioeconomic trends in developing countries suggest that energy demand will grow substantially as millions more enter the middle class and increase their material consumption.


Sustainable development is utilization of resources for human use while preserving the environment, improving the economy and benefiting the society. A business built and run with sustainability as one of the pillars leads to a sustainable business. We are helping companies with CSR functions, strategic CSR has taken over CSR and a host of environmental compliances and adoption of global best practices and stewardship brings you that much needed brand recognition to your company and products.

Business Advisory

Our business advisory entails advising you on various aspects of your business from turnaround strategies, business plan vetting and more. We bring in the sector experts and work at various tiers from operations, marketing and management to build a robust framework for running your company effectively and efficiently.