Perform, Achieve &Trade (PAT)

Energy Services

The National Action Plan on Climate Change (NAPCC) is India’s action plan to mitigate Climate Change. NAPCC has set down eight strategic missions each of them aimed to reduce emissions. National Mission on Enhanced Energy Efficiency (NMEEE) is one such mission under NAPCC that aims at achieving energy efficiency through four national level schemes namely:

  • Market Transformation for Energy Efficiency
  • Perform, Achieve and Trade
  • Energy Efficiency Financing Platform
  • Framework for Energy Efficient Economic Development

Perform, Achieve and Trade (PAT) is a market-based mechanism that aims at achieving energy efficiency by way of reducing specific energy consumption across Designated Consumers. Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) is the apex body in-charge of implementing the PAT Mechanism in India.

PAT Mechanism Design
Under the PAT Mechanism, the Designated Consumers’ industrial units will be given energy efficiency targets (reduction in specific energy consumption levels) that are to be achieved by them within specified period. The Designated Consumers that exceed the target shall be issued with energy efficiency certificates (ESCerts) that can be traded in the market.

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