Accounting Services

India Inc would need to comply with the requirements of the Indian Accounting Standard (IND-AS) which is in line with the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS). IND-AS is a new concept, and we aim at handholding the Corporates through the entire process of conversion of IGAAP financials to IND-AS compliant financials.

IND-AS is intended to bring a transparency and uniformity in financial reporting in India, it will not only increase confidence of the stakeholders, but also help investors in a better decision making process.

Lack of trained resources is the biggest hindrance faced by the Corporates in the process of IND-AS Conversion. We aim at providing the best IFRS training with real life examples both from the domestic companies as well as from the global markets. We consider our training process to be different from the other competitors in the sense that, the Training program would be designed keeping in mind the requirements of each and every company and sector as well as the requirement of the different departments in the organization.